De Zerby reveals the reason for his dissatisfaction with Frank after sparring on the sidelines

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Roberto De Zerbie, manager of Brighton Revealed. The reason why he was dissatisfied with Brentford manager Thomas Frank Until almost hitting each other on the sidelines during the Premier League game last night.

 Brighton manager Roberto De Zerby blamed Thomas Frank for touching an opponent following their heated clash in Brentford’s second win over the Seagulls. -0 last night (Friday, October 14, 2022). The team’s manager of the Bees went into the face and pulled Joel Feltman as the ball went out of the field. make derby Dissatisfied and started yelling at his opponent. Then a number of players joined until it escalated into a quarrel on the field.

De Zerby reveals the reason for his dissatisfaction with Frank after sparring on the sidelines

          This game, Brighton had 72% possession and 21 shots, while the hosts scored seven, but failed to pass David Raya . and there are many yellow cards But the most boiling point lies in the confrontation between the managers of both sides in the second half . will stop him from doing that. The Dutch star reacted angrily when the Danish manager was held back, then De Zerby walked in, pointed at Frank and scolded him for doing so. The two almost had an affair and then players and staff from both sides joined in. 

          Both managers were awarded yellow cards for their actions. But after the game they shook hands. Speaking about the incident after the final whistle, De Zerbie said there was no problem. “I don’t like when the coach touches my players or when other coaches talk to my players. Because I myself have never talked to players from other teams. But that’s not a problem” when it comes to this game. Brighton’s manager said.

          “I think that to win games you have to score We had 21 shots but no goals. We lost too many second balls. I think we played well. but if you want to win You have to score goals, this is football, I can’t say anything else . last pass We made a mistake. Because the game with Tottenham is the same. We had many chances but we didn’t score.

Speaking of Ivan Toney’s second-half penalty , which reinforced the victory for the home team he said “It was an important moment. But I had faith until the end because one goal could open the game again.” That will allow them to jump into the Champions League, but when the result is the opposite. So they remain 7th in the UFABET table.