Formula for playing football sets

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analyze the ball to be

Even if the football team can place a small minimum bet. But that doesn’t mean that you’re sowing a lot. or random guesses It will give you a chance to win easily. which requires analyzing the ball from many aspects

Formula for playing football sets
  • observe the price of water Single ball and uniform ball use different water prices, where single ball uses 3 types of water prices, namely MY (of Malaysia), HK (of Hong Kong) and EU (price of Europe), while the soccer team will use the water price of the EU by giving Notice the lower water prices. It will indicate that the ball has a high rate of not being pressed.
  • Do not use personal preferences Many people make mistakes with choosing his own favorite team without looking at the stats Makes the opportunity to lose the ball easily. If you want to bet on a team, please suggest that it is better to play with a single ball.
  • Limited number of pairs per bill By choosing to play no more than 4-5 pairs per bill or save 3 pairs for those who don’t want to risk too much.
  • find a vacation Even though there is a set of football to play every day There should be some rest days to breathe. On days with less competition or uninteresting couples, skip that day.
  • View game statistics Viewing past game statistics This can be done by selecting the pair that you want to bet on. Then go back and look at the statistics which team has the higher winning stats. By giving back the statistics at least 10 matches and counting the points which team have more wins

Use a 1×2 playing formula.

  • 1 is choosing to bet on the home side, regardless of the odds. Because the home team is considered the team that has an advantage Therefore, there is a high chance of winning bets.
  • x is a bet that the match will result in a draw. Regardless of which side will score first
  • 2 is to bet on the away team Although most of the away teams have less chances of winning. But to prevent mistakes, you should also bet on it.

A 1×2 bet is placed on the side that is expected to win for sure. It can be seen from the teams that have a higher chance of winning. Whether it’s a UFABET team with a better hierarchy. Home team Or have more people cheering? Will result in the team’s water bill is less and have a low ball price. Causing to come up with a 1×2 formula to select a pair of balls with an interesting price.

Play with galloping prices

Choosing to bet on parlays, don’t look beyond the ball. or with a ball rate as a condensed ball

  • Half Drew (0.5-1 or 0.75)
  • one (1)
  • Half ball (1-1.5 or 1.25)

Because the advantages of playing with a gallop will give you half the chance. Or lose only half This will not cause your kit bill to miss a chance to win the bill. Because it can be taken to think positively and negatively and not turn into a bad bill

High and low bets

For playing high and low is a separate technique from playing soccer uniform which can be used to play to prevent mistakes from You can play a set ball or a single ball, and you can also use it to make additional profits. The method of play is to count the total goals scored by both teams from the time specified that they come out over or under the web football set. For example, rate 2 goals, that is.

  • If both teams score a total of 3 goals, it is called Over.
  • If the game ends and 2 goals are scored, it is called a draw.
  • If both teams score 1 total goal, it is called Under.