Greenwood prosecutors put three charges against Greenwood in court on Monday.

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The prosecutor’s office has the same opinion as the police officers. Three charges were filed against Mason Greenwood, the future Manchester United striker who committed a scandal earlier this year. It is scheduled to appear in court on Monday.

The Prosecutor ‘s Office (CPS) has confirmed that it has charged Manchester United forward Mason Greenwood with attempted rape. Restraint and coercion and physical abuse. A young woman On Saturday October 15. After examining the evidence obtained from the Manchester City Police 

Greenwood prosecutors put three charges against Greenwood in court on Monday.

The scandal arose in late January. When the troubled girl posted a video clip and pictures of her being attacked with bruises on her body and blood covering her mouth via Instagram. A popular social networking site. Until the police had to arrest this player for investigation and preliminary charges of assault and rape. 

After that, more charges of sexual harassment and death threats were added. Before being released on bail On Wednesday, February 2, the UFABET case is under investigation.  The Red Devils’ agency, the famous England national team ordered to suspend his work indefinitely which the latest referred to the court on Monday, October 17

Janet Potter, deputy attorney general for CPS Northwest, said: Experts from CPS Northwest’s complex litigation agency have approved allegations, attempted rape, detention and coercive behavior. and injure the body After examining the evidence file obtained by Manchester City Police”

On Saturday morning , Greenwood was arrested again by police for violating bail conditions by contacting the victim. It is being investigated, while the Old Trafford club has been notified of the matter as well. but has not yet asked for any comments.