Haaland reveals his favorite food and why he entrusted his life to Balotelli.

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Manchester City striker Erling Haaland has revealed what his favorite food is and why he entrusted his life to former Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli. blue sailboat

     Erling Haaland has revealed his childhood heroes Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Mario Balotelli and why his favorite food is the one he never eats. The Manchester City strikerbecome the biggest name in the Premier League this season and perhaps the biggest in Europe. But very few people know his personal story. Haaland was not a player who liked to give media interviews since the beginning of his career at Salzburg and Borussia Dortmund, after an awkward incident. Some hearts, but Gary Neville made him give interviews well.

Haaland reveals his favorite food and why he entrusted his life to Balotelli.

          After scoring 20 goals and providing three assists for Manchester City this season, the Norwegian is set to rise to the top of the UFABET game in the foreseeable future. But he revealed some interesting facts about his idol. When Neville asked about His favorite kicker growing up, he said, “except my father, probably Zlatan Ibrahimovic”, but clips of his childhood showed another hero.

         The player, who has been a Man City fan since his father Alf-Inge, played for the club between 2000 and 2003, has a photograph of Haland Junior Junior in colour. lots of blue One particularly striking photo was a clip of 11-year-old training with the number 45 behind him, where Neville asked which player he would choose to take a penalty if he was in a situation where his life was at stake. dangerous To which Haland replied: ” I might have to say it was me because I believed in myself a lot.” “Otherwise there are some good options, I would say maybe Mario Ba. Lotelli because he’s probably the best I’ve ever seen as a penalty taker. It’s crazy. He’s actually doing really well. So maybe it’s me or him.

          Recently it was revealed in a documentary about Haaland’s departure from Borussia Dortmund that he had a slightly daunting approach to weight loss. by making yourself in good shape The striker admitted that he ate both the heart and liver of a cow. But neither was close to his favorite thing. “My favorite food is something that we can’t eat. Something we eat once in a while,” he said. “I like kebabs or pizza kebabs. Really like it. I must say it’s one of the best, but I can’t eat it.” “Sometimes I sit. I was at home thinking. Would be great if…’ and then I went to the fridge and did something else. That’s my life.” “I have to say that I really like wine. I can’t lie.” What if the two are together? “No, no, this is not a good mix.”

         Haaland will have the opportunity to increase his Premier League goalscoring record to 16 (17, 18) goals on Sunday October 16, 2022 when his Manchester City team travel to runners-up Liverpool . Last season at Anfield, if the Blues beat Jurgen Klopp’s side, they would have a 16-point lead over the Reds.