Klopp slams Barcelona, ​​Salika, PSG make football without competition

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp Taunted to three teams, Manchester City, Newcastle and Paris Saint-Germain. That makes football without competition

   Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has taunted Manchester City , Newcastle United and Paris Saint-Germain for being able to do what they want. Because of the power ofoil money The German has faced the financial potential of Manchester City. During his time at Anfield and Now referred to as admitting that ‘Nobody Can Compete’ With UAE-Owned Superpowers

Klopp slams Barcelona, ​​Salika, PSG make football without competition

          The Reds will open their home at Anfield for the visit of Pep Guardiola ‘s team this weekend. Knowing that Guardiola will be 16 points behind the reigning champions in the Premier League table if they lose. Guardiola has added Erling Haaland into a team who are chasing a third consecutive league title. And give the team the results they can expect. And that raises a lot of questions about who will be able to stop Manchester City.

          Ahead of the big clash on Sunday October. Klopp was asked about his plans to compete with Manchester City’s upgraded team. City this season After the two teams fought until the last day of the Premier League season again last season for the league title. The German coach admitted that while perhaps ‘
nobody likes’ his answer, there is a possibility that the reigning champions could not be stopped.

  The German told reporters: “You won’t like my answer. And all of you already have the answer. Nobody can compete with Man City, you have the best team in the world. And you put in the best striker on the market. No matter how much it costs, you pay, I know Man City won’t like it. And no one likes it. You already asked that question. But you already know the answer.”

         Newcastle were also another team with state club status last year after being bought by Saudi Public Investment Fund. And Klopp also referred toNewcastle sporting director Dan Ashworth as ‘no ceiling’ (in spending money) as part of the problem. “So what can Liverpool do? We can’t act like them,” Klopp added. “It’s impossible, impossible, it’s clear. and again You already know the answer. There are three clubs in the world of football (Man City, PSG and Newcastle) that can do whatever they want financially. It’s legal and everything.Okay, they can do whatever they want.” “They’ll say ‘yes, but we have…’ but it’s true. Now I’ve heard that at Newcastle someone [Dan Ashworth] said, ‘This club has no ceiling’ (on spending). Yes, he was right, he was absolutely right. Newcastle don’t have a ceiling, congrats, but other clubs have ceilings.

         Liverpool will be 16 points behind Manchester City after just nine games in the Premier League if they taste a second successive league defeat on Sunday. But despite Klopp’s side returning to their best form this UFABET season But there are still comprehensible doubts about them or other teams. Will Europe be able to stop the supremacy of the Blue Sails?