Lions fans have urged Southgate to take the striker to Qatar after seeing his latest form

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Fans of the roaring lion army urged England manager Gareth Southgate to withdraw a player for the World Cup in Qatar after witnessing his form last night.

Ivan Toney’s performance in Brentford ‘s clash with Brighton last night (Friday October 14, 2022) has prompted calls for Gareth Southgate to Taking the forward to Qatar this winter, the 26-year-old netted one first-half goal and one second-half goal to help Thomas Frank’s side to a 2-0 win at GTEC Com. Community Stadium With the Brentford center forward’s second goal coming from the penalty spot He was particularly notable as it was his 20th goal in a shot from 12 yards for the bee destroyers. Maintain a 100 per cent penalty shootout success record for the club.

Lions fans have urged Southgate to take the striker to Qatar after seeing his latest form

          He missed only one penalty for playing career. That was against Barnsley’s 4-0 defeat in League One in 2018-19 he played for. Peterborough Last night’s win over Brighton places Brentford eighth in the league. With nine more Premier League fixtures to follow this weekend. This event made the fans feel intrigued.

His continued success in penalty shootouts has taken to Twitter to pay tribute to the striker. At the same time urged Southgate to include the player in his last 26 generals. Tony was named in Southgate’s latest squad for their Nations League matches against Italy and Germany. But he hasn’t played in either of those games. Which has led to many questions about whether Southgate will take him to Qatar.

          Fans’ opinions Twitter is like “I definitely picked Ivan Toney in the England squad. Leave it in the penalty shootout case”, “Toney should be in the England squad going to the World Cup” , one supporter said it would be. ‘Serious offense’ for Southgate if Toney is not taken “Toney has to be in the England squad at the World Cup. What a talented footballer.”

          Meanwhile, Sportsmail ‘s Chris Sutton noticed Tony’s talent from the penalty spot. The former Blackburn and Celtic striker said: The Brentford international is the best in the world for shooting from 12 yards (maybe he forgets Neymar and Kylian Mbappe ), tweeting: “Ivan Toney. must be the best penalty shooter in the world right now.” Another supporter recalled the knockout round in Qatar. Pointing out that Tony’s talent was reason enough for Southgate to include him, “Ivan Toney had to be on the plane (to Qatar) because of his ability to take penalties.”

         England were knocked out of the World Cup three times on penalties, in 1990, 1998 and 2006. They broke a spell in 2018 against Colombia. But it returned to reality last summer with Italy in the Euro 2020 finals at Wembley. In which their record in penalties has barely improved, as Gary Neville told Sky Sports on Friday. Citing Tony’s case, he likely had a ‘huge’ chance of being included in the squad.

         Neville said: “His danger, his hard work, his leadership in the front. Look at the pitches and those goals. It’s a great statistic. But I think Gareth will assess him in terms of how he is with the UFABET team and his adaptability . Win is injured. Harry Kane assumes something happened to him. You have to say that he has a high chance of going.”