Sing Rising 1-3 Blue Sing: Collected from the FA Cup match against Chelsea, came better than expected, advanced to the 5th round of the FA Cup beautifully

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• One is poor form. Two is that the opponent is hot. Three is that the H2H record is still not favorable.
• That makes many sides believe that Aston Villa has the right to pass Chelsea in this game
• But it turns out that Chelsea came better than anyone expected. Lot won 3-1 and advanced to the 5th round of the FA Cup.

Sing Rising 1-3 Blue Sing: Collected from the FA Cup match against Chelsea, came better than expected, advanced to the 5th round of the FA Cup beautifully

Singha and ‘new match’

  • 2006/07 (Round 8) Draw Spurs 3-3, Win 2-1
    2008/09 (Round 3) Draw Southend 1-1, Win 4-1
    2010/11 (Round 4) Draw F Everton 1-1, lost 3-4 on penalties
    2011/12 (Round 5) Draw Birmingham 1-1, Won 2-0
    2012/13 (Round 4) Draw Brentford 2-2 , won 4-0
    2012/13 (round 8) tied with Manchester United 2-2, won 1-0
    2017/18 (round 3) tied with Norwich City 0-0, won on penalties 5-3.

According to historical records, Chelsea have had to regularly play replays in the FA Cup lately, although in the last 3-4 years they have not appeared at all.

Importantly, the statistics show that Chelsea did very well with the rematch game. When out of the last 7 times, only once did they lose and be eliminated. That is, Everton lost on penalties and were eliminated from the FA Cup, round 4, season 2010/11 (Carlo Ancelotti era).

Other than that, the other 6 times, Chelsea won all of them. Including the most recent time in 2018, where they won against Norwich in the 3rd round.

But this match is considered secondary.

However, before this game, it was found that Chelsea will have to walk onto the field being “second behind” Aston Villa in many factors, including the team’s condition, overall form recently. and the story of head-to-head meeting

It was found that Chelsea were unable to penetrate Aston Villa’s back for 3 games in a row.

16 Oct 2022 Premier League was the last time Chelsea shot Villa at Villa Park 2-0 from Mason Mount ‘s goal . From then on…

  • 03/23 Premier League: Chelsea 0-2 Aston Villa
    09/23 Premier League: Chelsea 0-1 Aston Villa
    01/24 FA Cup: Chelsea 0-0 Aston Villa

It is said that the results of meetings throughout the latter period have made Emiliano Martinez always ready to face Chelsea with “extra confidence”.

Interesting team change

As you know, Mauricio Pochettino still has to face dozens of injury problems, no different from before. And no one knows, not even Poch himself, when this problem will go away.

But consider this game Argentine coach Interesting team rotation Adjust where it should be adjusted and it is considered “wrong” as expected with the actual standing position.

The 3 people who dropped out were Thiago Silva, Raheem Sterling and Christopher Nkunku, while the 3 people who came down were Benoit Badiasil, Noni Ma. Dueke and Nicholas Jackson

Center back pair It’s interesting that when Thiago Silva was dropped , a 39-year-old veteran who has looked a lot slow lately. So how will it work out with the French center duo of Benoit Badiasil – Axel Disasi, who were actually partners before at Monaco?

As said, this match still went above and beyond expectations because Pochettino chose to place Madueke on the right wing and put Jackson on the left flank along with Connor Gallagher in the middle of the attack, which means that Cole Palmer must move up to become a false nine target again

With this line-up Therefore, it is equal to the news that Pochettino is preparing to use 3 center backs, which may be 3-5-2 or 3-4-3 to solve the problem of playing form and easily conceding goals. Not actually happening Or at least Still not in this game.