Tony slams Southgate after being ignored from the Lions’ field

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Brentford forward Ivan Toney Leave a message to Gareth Southgate. After not being offered a chance to play in his latest England cap. After the game that he hit alone 2 goals for the victory of the bee destroyers last night.

Brentford forward Ivan Toney has told Gareth Southgate. He is ready for his next steps with the England international. After showing impressive performances with two alone. The goal gave the Reds a 2-0 win over Brighton last night. Raising cheers for the forward for England’s World Cup squad next month after his latest addition to the Nation squad. The league has come. But has not been given the opportunity to enter the field from the big boss of the roaring lion army.

Tony slams Southgate after being ignored from the Lions' field

         The 26-year-old has proven to be a difficult player for Brighton’s defense. As they cannot cope with his strength and movement in the box, with Toney making 1. A goal from open play and was given the opportunity to score two goals from the penalty spot. After a foul by Joel Feltman and the striker was unsuccessful by sending in Robert Sanche. H went the wrong way as the Bees earned an impressive win and climbed up to eighth in the Premier League table.

        Nations League matches against Italy and Germany. But no opportunity to enter the field. However, his latest form of play has resulted. And the striker of the ‘Destroyer Bee’ has confirmed that he is ready to compete at the highest level.

         When asked about the difficulty of training with the England international, Toney told Sky Sports in a post-match interview: “ You play at your best. And I’m not cocky, I don’t feel alienated. But I feel like I’m ready for that position . I was ready to take my chances [against England]. I always saw myself at the top. I always see myself as the best player on the pitch and you always have to think that way. no matter who you meet.”

         Tony’s penalty also means he has now scored eight goals in the Premier League this season, equaling Harry Kane as the Premier League’s top scorer, behind Erling Haaland’s 15th lead. Tony’s ability to take penalties should give him an edge over rival strikers Tammy Abraham. Ollie Watkins and Dominic Calvert. Lewin And Tony boldly declares that the goalkeeper hates facing him in the penalty shoot-out.

         “To be honest, I don’t even know where to take the [penalty] shot until I kick the ball,” he added. “Obviously the goalkeeper is trying his best to talk. But I try not to let anyone get in my head.” “I just walked out and calmed myself down. Let them do things, think differently, think they’re on the beach with a cocktail.” But listen, the UFABET manager knows what I’m doing and I’m doing well.